AB Biotek’s New ABB C1 ImmunoEssentials Targets Healthy Immunity

Innovative dietary supplement represents a new gold standard in immunity health versus traditional beta glucan-based solutions
PETERBOROUGH, U.K. (February 3 2022)

AB Biotek – a global business division of Associated British Foods plc – recently unveiled a new product in its human nutrition and health range focused on immune health. Supported by a newly published clinical study in December 2021, ABB C1 ImmunoEssentials offers consumers trained immunity, a relatively new term utilized within the industry.

“We are excited about our new ABB C1 ImmunoEssentials solution as it clearly provides consumers with a unique synergetic combination carefully crafted for trained immunity,” said Gerald Dard, managing director, AB Biotek Human Nutrition and Health. “To bring to the marketplace a remarkable preventive health solution at a time when COVID-19 and other pathogens are exposing the importance of a healthy microbiome is truly ground-breaking.”

ABB C1 offers a unique postbiotic-based solution that provides a holistic approach featuring optimized immune innate response, accelerated natural adaptive immune reaction and controlled hyperreactivity events such as poor short-term results or longer COVID-19 symptoms. Combining beta glucans with selenium and zinc delivered through yeast fermentation, ABB C1’s breakthrough innovation closes the gap between innate and adaptive immunity by empowering both and offers a synergistic effect unmatched in the industry. The product is available in stick packs, capsules, tablets, gummies and bulk powder.

“A randomized, double-blind study focused on dozens of adults in two categories – those with recent influenza and COVID-19 vaccines,” stated Carlos de Lecea, global portfolio manager & technical lead, AB Biotek Human Nutrition and Health. “In the end, the findings validated the capacity of ABB C1 to stimulate trained immunity, and we view this product as a new gold standard for this supplement category.”

An abstract of the study – available via the global journal reporting site, MDPI, at – provides more detail on the makeup and conclusions of the research.

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