We are your global partner for mineral yeast solutions that support your health.

AB Biotek utilizes yeast fermentation to produce natural sources of minerals – including selenium, chromium, manganese, zinc and others – that are crucial to optimising immune health for consumers of all types.

Variety of formats to meet consumer requirements.

Our products are available in multiple formats to meet the needs of consumers today, including gummies, capsules, stick packs, bulk powder and more.

Natural sources

Selenium – an antioxidant that helps lower oxidative stress in the body, reduces inflammation & enhances immunity
Chromium – a trace element that may enhance the effects of insulin and lower glucose levels
Manganese – a trace mineral that helps the body form tissue, bones, blood clotting factors & sex hormones
Zinc – a nutrient that helps the immune system & metabolism function as well as provide wound healing along with taste & smell benefits