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We are your global partner for differentiated microbiome modulating solutions for human nutrition & health.

AB Biotek Health Essentials and AB Biotek Life Essentials solutions are the result of AB Biotek’s extensive experience in optimizing the health benefits from the synergy of microorganisms and bioactives.


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A unique combination of mineral yeast & β-glucan complex that provides the power of synergy – balanced formulation + protected response + unique solution – in order to reach trained immunity.

Our Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast helps provide higher bioavailability and circulation levels with no toxicity, all while offering an organic type of selenium found in nature along with rich blended form of zinc salts. Scientifically validated for fast, balanced & complete immunity support, ABB C1TM is available in stick packs, capsules, tablets, gummies & bulk powder.

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An all-natural gastrointestinal postbiotic that works uniquely in two ways – as a preventative measure and once a diarrheal condition has begun.

Designed to combat dehydration, gut barrier function impairment, imbalanced gut microbiota and even malnutrition, ABB C22TM is an ideal solution versus existing, incomplete products in the marketplace. Tyndallized yeast fermented in the presence of high zinc concentrations helps provide fast relief of symptoms, electrolyte balance, pathogen counteraction & gut barrier strengthening. ABB C22TM is available in ready-to-drink liquid, stick packs, capsules, tablets, gummies & bulk powder.

  • Equilibiom provides an intimate defense for women including improved rectal and vaginal microbiome as well as a reinforced immune response.
  • Did you know that the same lactobacilli bacteria are present in both the female gastrointestinal and genital tracts?
  • Equilibiom increases the population of bacteria that are good for key areas responsible for women’s health.
  • The product’s Lcr35® strain with zinc supplementation helps create a positive immune response and overall improvement of key microbiome.
  • Available in capsule form for women and girls 12 years and older.
  • Arthelio is the first microbiotic innovation for osteoarthritis, a disabling disease highlighted by chronic pain and loss in mobility.
  • Did you know a leaky gut can play a role in the inflammation and even degradation of cartilage?
  • Arthelio avoids bacterial debris by going through the intestinal barrier thereby avoiding inflammatory reactions.
  • The product’s synergistic power of vitamin C and B. longum lysate (CBi0703®) helps provide significant improvement to all symptoms and improves mobility, comfort and quality of life.
  • Available in capsule form for adults.